Construction Delivery

Merging of the physical and virtual worlds

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

buildeco‘s added value is beneficial when our supply chain expertise and knowledge to programme and deliver projects smarter is used. Conventional thinking is therefore challenged.

buildeco is implementing BIM processes in the work-flow to help achieve a more efficient design and seamless collaboration across the delivery supply chain partners and manufacturers. A common platform throughout will benefit the process by facilitating exchange of information among multiple partners using a common CAD language.

A set of guidelines, procedures and responsibilities have been developed for the interaction of partners and manufacturers.

Future Digital Challenges

In the future buildeco will develop a design portal on the web site which allows clients to design, size and style a building online digitally from a range of standardised virtual reality component pieces. Once selected the various components are automatically assembled together online to form the completed building, which can be saved and viewed in 3D. The completed building can then be ordered online and once manufactured it will be delivered to site to be assembled.

Future vision includes a service that from the moment an order is placed customers will receive live progress updates at key manufacturing stages in advance of site delivery.

The minimum warranty would require that the external Part-Fab building envelope, windows and doors are to be assembled by the home manufacturer delivery team system integrators. The remainder of the installation and finishes would be dependent on the amount of construction work and responsibility that the client would be prepared to take on and supervise.

Digital Tools for Global Growth

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective and essential tool in growing overseas sales; we will create an effective online web strategy in addressing these challenges.


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