In the 21st century low carbon buildings will be assembled on site from a set of modular precision made components (2013)

Founded by Audley English, buildeco is delivering that future via an innovative form of modular flat-pack offsite intelligent construction for the built environment. To do so it is bringing together like-minded people and organisations that will lead and encourage cultural changes within the industry for the benefit of all.


Construction is facing a new era of green buildings (2014)

Modernisation of the construction industry is long overdue – it is the last industry to embrace fully automated methods despite the fact that they can substantially improve quality, cut costs, reduce construction time, prevent waste, and lessen injuries. Using recyclable and sustainable materials, the industry’s carbon footprint can significantly be reduced and efficiency provided using manufacturing techniques similar to the motor industry.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”  Albert Einstein

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Predictions in delivering 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings (2019)

  • Carbon tax applied to all materials
  • Carbon tax applied to all buildings
  • Buildings to be carbon neutral or better
  • Building approach ‘fabric first ‘solutions
  • Buildings to be fully demountable & recyclable
  • Offsite delivery solutions will become mainstream


Post Covid-19 New New Look 2020 ‘Jobs First’

The UK government urgently needs to support entrepreneurs and innovators more than ever now, to create jobs and preserve the old ones within the built environment following this pandemic.



The British Homes Awards 2022

The British Homes Awards set industry standards for housing, mixed use, interior, sustainable and environmental developments for others to follow. Clients, professionals and the public look at current market trends and new concepts arising from the awards. These awards are industry recognised and I’m privileged to be on the judging panel.

Tribute to Lord Rogers aged 88

It’s very sad to hear the news of the passing of Lord Richard Rogers.

As a student at the Architectural Association in my third year, I was taught by unit master Mike Davis and founding partner of the Richard Rogers’ Partnership, known as RRP at the time. Mike’s teaching and the practices work influenced my thinking in my methodology from that time until the present day. Many of my fellow students went on to work for RRP and some setup their own practices after leaving, continuing with Lord Rogers’ design philosophy.

From the many remarkable buildings designed by Lord Rogers and his team, for me, the practice journey in delivering modular housing is the most challenging to address in our desperate housing shortage. From the 2005 John Prescott 60K design competition, subsequent lessons were learned and applied to their MMC housing schemes in Ladywell, Mitcham, with upcoming projects demonstrating the importance of R&D.

I will continue on my journey along the MMC path. Thank you for your inspiration through your practices work.


Richard Rogers’ favourite colour ‘light green’- Buildeco’s main branding colour 2013

Jamaican Prime Minister’s Low Cost Housing Design Awards Ceremony November 2021

Buildeco’s submission receives Honourary Mention & Certificate

300 plus entry received for Jamaica Low Cost Housing Competition. Unable to attend the Design Awards Ceremony the certificate was accepted by architect Professor Dr Pat Green on behalf of Audley English, Director of Buildeco Offsite Architecture, the awards were held at ‘The Terra Nova All Suites Hotel’ Kingston, Jamaica.

The KTN Space & Geospatial Virtual Pavilion for COP26 on

3 November 2021 Panel Discussion.

“HUMANS must Reduce CARBON or CARBON will Reduce HUMANS”

(Audley English 2021)

The built environment is responsible for nearly 40% of global GHG (check) emissions.  Of this, 28% is attributed to operational emissions, from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings, and 11% from embodied carbon emissions, found in the material and construction processes across a building’s entire lifecycle. In UK, the built environment sector will need to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 in order to meet net-zero targets by 2050.

Speakers explore the questions, challenges and opportunities that the net zero goal presents for the built environment?

Black History Month 2021

Black History Month 2021 has now come to a close. On a personal level, I participated in two momentous events. The first was to be honoured alongside Levi Roots and RAF West Indian veteran Mr Copeland MBE. We were the first recipients to receive Windrush Housing’s awards for their launch of ‘Windrush Payback: Building A Better Britain’. Their pledge is to raise funds to support the provision of 10,000,000 bricks, which equates to the refurbishment of many homes and similarly, to build numerous MMC homes that will combine to a total of 1000 NetZero homes. The event was held at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton on 22.10.21. Balloons were released in honour of members of the Windrush Generation who have sacrificed so much for a Better Britain.

The second event was to attend Zedgeneration’s CIC to honour our Windrush Mothers & Fathers and celebrate Rani King’s (MBE) 71st birthday with a Windrush English tea party on The House of Lords terrace on 25.10.21. Speeches were given by Lord Quran Hussein, Cllr Andrew Baggott and his 10-year old daughter Willow Baggott and others. A flower tribute to Sir David Amess was made.

The after-event was held at the Abbey Centre, with presentations given by artist EVEWRIGHT of the Windrush ‘TILBURY BRIDGE WALKWAY OF MEMORIES ART INSTALLATION’. Speeches were given by West Indian Windrush elders, reflecting on their experiences.

George Connett, the great great nephew of Jack Leslie told the story of him being the only black professional football player in England during his career from 1921-1935, across fourteen seasons, when he scored 133 league goals over 384 games.

My presentation was on delivering MMC NetZero housing to address Climate Change.

Photos Top L – R: Award with Levi Roots No1, Balloons before release No2, My table guests No3 & elders No4

The Good Homes Alliance (GHA) NetZero Low Energy New Build Housing Case Study September 2021

Homes with high fabric efficiency and a ‘future-proofed’ building services setup that allows net zero tech (such as a heat pump) to be easily installed at a later date.

Buildeco’s Hurst Close MMC Demonstration Project selected GHA case study.

Windrush Celebrations; Tilbury Saturday 26th June 2021

Coaches brought original Windrush pioneers to pre-view the TILBURY BRIDGE WALKWAY OF MEMORIES by artist EVEWRIGHT. Tears shed re-living history seeing themselves young and full of hope on 432 panes of glass, The immersive artwork., collaged with photographs, documents, original boat passenger tickets and memorabilia was installed on the passenger walkway 55 metres long.

Top left photo; artist EVEWRIGHT with Audley English

The evening event held nearby at the Worlds End Pub that included Caribbean, African, Asian food; music provided by ‘Monkies Wedding’ one track song ‘Red Red Wine’

Bottom left photo; included the Mayor of Thurrock, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Chair of Windrush Housing Association and Thurrock Cllr.

Buildeco’s ‘FlexiKeyWorkers Multigenerational Complex’

The one thing Covid-19 taught us is to value and cherish the family unit and that the new normal may mean years of lockdowns.

Separating confused grandchildren from beloved grandparents so cruel on both sides.

Nurses and other key workers in the danger zone of infection having to live apart for months to minimise the risk to children and elderly parents.

Keeping Granny and Grandad at home with new technology available could avoid the isolation of care homes.

We clapped for our NHS, now let’s build for them, and others using Buildeco’s multigenerational housing concept.

This complex allows people from babes in arms to golden oldies independent living, together under one roof.

The unique design has larger internal floor spaces, higher ceiling that are single or double height and increased natural daylight.

With large balconies, communal garden with children play space and equipment, even built in home office space, it is the home for the future, today.

Buildeco’s MMC flat-pack solution non-combustible, net zero with an EPC A rating – up in days offering real jobs for semi-skilled workers.

From Dream to Reality November 2020

MMC flat-pack Black Clad traditional style houses, assembled from a standard Kit-of-Parts that achieved Passivhaus airtightness and U-values, based on our fabric first methodology, have now been achieved.

The first full flat-pack platform panelised MMC offsite-onsite individual components solution. It can also be configured to provide contemporary style houses.

Black History Month Celebrations October 2020

Flotilla makes a nostalgic sail past to honour Windrush generations at Tilbury Dock in Black History Month.

Our third #GeovationNetZero session on Tuesday 7th July 2020

In this third #GeovationNetZero session we will be exploring the location based challenges and opportunities in delivering sustainable production and consumption.

What does sustainable production and consumption look like? How does it influence the business model, product and service? What does success look like?

From London, a warm welcome to Audley English, who founded Buildeco.

As global society battles collaboratively, creatively and innovatively to defeat Covid-19, businesses and organisations of all kinds are rethinking their models and processes to sustainably change society for the better. This includes the transition to Net Zero. That transition will need to address decarbonisation, deliver sustainable consumption and production, and create a regenerative and sustainable bio-economy.

How do you plan celebrating the 50th anniversary Earth Day

on 5th June 2020?




Help The Homeless Post COVID 2020

The number of homeless people, including the hidden homeless families, may rocket and they will return again to the UK streets once removed from their temporary accommodation, including hotels, etc. This will happen once the Government scraps the funding for these schemes, which have been used to protect and house the homeless during the onslaught of Covid-19.

A solution will be required to address the housing requirements of the homeless.  Based on past experience, Buildeco offer a range of accommodation types. Their concept, the FlexiTA (Flexible Temporary Accommodation) is a combination of one-to-four-person accommodation, including wheelchair accommodation, constructed from non-combustible materials.  The mix and stacking configurations of FlexiTA have been developed to address each individual client’s unit mix requirements and are specific to each unique development site, making the design totally flexible.


Illustrated 1 (left to right) Ground floor layout: 2No. one-person units, communal lobby, a one-person unit and a wheelchair unit that can accommodate two people

Illustrated 2 (left to right) Upper floor generic layout: mix is a three-person 1B unit, communal lobby, a one-person unit and a four-person 2B unit.

SHOUT-OUT to the front line NHS and all the volunteers that work tirelessly to feed them 2020

Buildeco, in particular, supports this group of volunteers, called the ‘Mums’ Army’. They cook curries, cakes etc, etc and deliver them, using their own transport, to Basildon University Hospital on a daily basis. Preparation starts at 5.00 am.

Their slogan is: ‘We Clapped, We Cooked Now We’re Going to Build – Keyworkers’ houses for all!”


Buildeco is currently in discussion with two Councils to support funding for ‘Mums’ Army’ and allocate a number of small sites from their portfolio to be developed for affordable keyworkers’ housing.

Local people are to be employed and trained to build these houses for their communities, which will financially benefit the local economy.

Appreciation and support to – Mums Army- From NHS staff: ‘First of all a big thank you for feeding us. The food is always very delicious and we all enjoyed it. It’s much appreciated your continued support for us. Once again thank you very much for the amazing food. God bless you all. from others. it’s really appreciated that your group helped Colne ward during this pandemic. We nurses work in ITU and after the busy shift its really nice to have food delivered by your team. Thank you so much once again. Much appreciated. Hats off for you all. Christopher wrote I was staying in a hotel for four weeks as I have vulnerable family at home, so for a while your meals were the only substantial meals I was eating. I’d like to thank every one of you for all you have done.

On a National scale, in addressing affordable housing for keyworkers, Buildeco recommends that of all government land sold or transferred and developed for housing, 25% of these homes must be allocated for keyworkers at an affordable rent or affordable purchase price.

Petition: UK Government and Parliament 2020

Provide funding to colleges & apprenticeships for eco-community house building UK parliament petition with global promise

Are you worried about the future as we enter the worst recession for 300 years?

We can turn this crisis into an opportunity, rescue a lost generation of young people, and older unemployed workers; retrain, and build a better, greener future.

Please sign our petition and spread; our ‘disease’ is optimism, highly contagious which will lead to decarbonisation, lowering of global warming, and a pandemic of decent affordable homes with a strong national workforce facing a better future with hope.




Our Motto

Simple and different


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