In the 21st century low carbon buildings will be assembled on site from a set of modular precision made components (2013)

Founded by Audley English, buildeco is delivering that future via an innovative form of modular flat-pack offsite intelligent construction for the built environment. To do so it is bringing together like-minded people and organisations that will lead and encourage cultural changes within the industry for the benefit of all.


Construction is facing a new era of green buildings (2014)

Modernisation of the construction industry is long overdue – it is the last industry to embrace fully automated methods despite the fact that they can substantially improve quality, cut costs, reduce construction time, prevent waste, and lessen injuries. Using recyclable and sustainable materials, the industry’s carbon footprint can significantly be reduced and efficiency provided using manufacturing techniques similar to the motor industry.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”  Albert Einstein

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Predictions in delivering 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings (2019)

  • Carbon tax applied to all materials
  • Carbon tax applied to all buildings
  • Buildings to be carbon neutral or better
  • Building approach ‘fabric first ‘solutions
  • Buildings to be fully demountable & recyclable
  • Offsite delivery solutions will become mainstream


Post Covid-19 New New Look 2020 ‘Jobs First’

The UK government urgently needs to support entrepreneurs and innovators more than ever now, to create jobs and preserve the old ones within the built environment following this pandemic.



Letter from the Director of the AA – Dr Ingrid Schroder – New Year Honours 2024

Letter from the Mayor of London – New Year Honours 2024

Letter from ARB – New Year Honours 2024

This letter is from Hugh Simpson, Chief Executive and Registrar of The Architects Registration Board (ARB), in response to the New Year Honours list.

The New Year’s Honours 2024

The New Year’s Honours marks a great start for me. I am deeply touched and honoured to receive this unexpected accolade, being included in His Majesty The King’s “New Year’s Honours list for 2024” and awarded the “Member of the Order of the British Empire” (MBE). This MBE is not just a personal recognition but extends to my family, friends, past and current team, and clients who have supported and continue to support my ongoing vision. The MBE and citation, “For services to Architecture and Sustainability,” approved by King Charles III, are particularly meaningful due to His Majesty’s keen interest in these subjects.

This MBE is dedicated to my late mother, who arrived as a first-generation Windrush migrant, seeking to provide her children with a better life. She instilled in us the mantra “Believe in yourself and never give up.”

Windrush 100 Reception at The Houses of Parliament 2023

By the time we commemorate the Windrush centenary in 2048, those who could share this story firsthand will no longer be with us.

On Thursday, 7th December, I had the pleasure of attending the Windrush 100 reception held in the Churchill Room.

As we transition from one era Windrush 75, we embark on the next 25 years leading up to the centenary, anticipating significant change. Dawn Butler MP shared that her parents, like many others, developed a strong resistance to the injustices they experienced, providing her and subsequent generations with strong motivation to succeed. Professor Patrick Vernon OBE presented her book, ‘A PURPOSEFUL LIFE,’ to Cameron Pannell-Rae in recognition of his continuous efforts towards Windrush 75, during which 500 organisations participated, and his pivotal contribution to the launch of Windrush 100.

The work continues — Past, Present, and Future — to shape a Britain that realises the Windrush centenary vision of a fair and equal society by 2048.

AI-Enabled Design Diagnostics and Optimisation System for Mould Prevention (AI-DOMP) 2023

In the aftermath of Awaab Ishak’s passing and the implementation of Awaab’s Law, important lessons must be learned to prevent a recurrence of such incidents and to safeguard others from succumbing to the dangers of dampness and mould.

While everyone acknowledges it as a problem, finding effective solutions proves challenging.
A significant portion of the UK’s housing inventory is severely impacted by damp and mould, posing health risks to occupants of affected properties. Currently, the NHS is estimated to expend over £1 billion annually on treating individuals affected by substandard housing conditions.

Buildeco Offsite Architecture, in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University’s Built Environment, Engineering, and Computing, has secured research funding from Innovate UK for the first stage of a feasibility study. This study aims to explore the potential development of an AI-Enabled Design Diagnostics and Optimisation System for Mould Prevention (AI-DOMP). The system will analyse both existing and new building designs to identify areas susceptible to mould growth. Additionally, it will optimise these designs to effectively mitigate the risk of mould growth in those areas.

Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association 90th Anniversary 2023

As a former development board member who began serving in 2010 and retired in 2022, I had the pleasure of attending the 90th Anniversary celebration of the Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA) at the London Art House in Islington. This event provided a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with past and present board members and gain insights into the organisation’s progress.

Reflecting on my time spent on the board, during which I only missed one meeting, I marvelled at ISHA’s achievements as a medium-sized organisation consistently punching above its weight. One of the highlights was ISHA winning the 2015 National Housing Awards for “The Scene,” a project that transformed Walthamstow into a residential and entertainment hub with stylish apartments, lively restaurants, shops, and a cinema. Another noteworthy initiative was “The Cube” in Hackney, the tallest Cross Laminated Timber building (CLT), which gained attention for being the first shared ownership scheme to sell for over £1M.

House of Lords “Leadership & Philanthropy in Nation Building” Workshop 24th November 2023

I had the honour of attending this event that delved into the critical theme of “Leadership & Philanthropy Role in National Building” in our ever-changing world. The role of leaders in shaping the destiny of nations is indispensable. Women in leadership roles are not only an issue of equity but also a strategic imperative for building resilient and thriving nations. This involves breaking barriers, promoting gender diversity, and empowering women to lead.

Rt. Hon. Lord John Bird, Founder of The Big Issue, called for a deeper reflection from young people and urged leaders in the room to facilitate the development of new leadership that addresses these issues.

Nic Careem, President of Sky Blue Village, discusses their vision for addressing global poverty through their “Hand-up” approach. The plan involves building overseas villages with a minimum of 500 homes, each equipped with its own clinic and school. Additionally, each village will be twinned with a community in the UK, whether it’s a village, town, or city.

The villages will produce goods to be sold to their respective twin communities in the UK. The generated revenue will then be reinvested back into the overseas village, fostering its prosperity and sustainability.

The panel discussion included the topic “Leadership Role,” moderated by Kenny Adetobi. Speakers included Monas Das, a former US Senator. Another panel discussion, “Women in Leadership Positions & Governance,” featured speakers such as Julie Redmond, the Conservative GLA candidate.

British Homes Awards 2023

The British Homes Awards 2023 took place at Raffles Hotel London Whitehall, encompassing 24 categories. Winners were officially announced, and some were also acknowledged with commendations.

I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to participate as a judge and to engage with fellow judges. Each year, the entries continue to raise their standards, posing a challenge in selecting outright category winners.

Windrush 75 Reception at Speaker’s House 20th June 2023

Before the official start of Windrush 75, a reception was held at Speaker’s House, the residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle. Located in the Palace of Westminster, it can be approached through the courtyard known as Speaker’s Court. Historically, it has been the most grandiose residence in the New Palace of Westminster and is the only one that remains in a form resembling its original state.

Displayed in Westminster Hall, the Speaker’s state coach has been used by speakers of the House of Commons to attend royal events in the past two centuries.

Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle welcomed the guests, and Baroness Floella Benjamin the first Caribbean woman to receive the Order of Merit delivered a speech highlighting the history of the Windrush. This was followed by networking while a steel band played in the background.

The Crimson Drawing Room serves as the principal reception room, with walls adorned by a frieze displaying shields of early Speakers. It was a surreal moment for me to see my own image on the monitor screen as one of the celebrated Windrush 75 diamond jubilee generation.

Outcome of Construction Youth Trust Experience Week:

Design Team Presentations 2023

After the design team’s presentation on the final day of the half-term break, over 50 Year 10 students with a range of SEN (Special Educational Needs) participated in a work experience program organised by Deptford Green School. This program provided them with a week-long opportunity to collaborate as a team and present their design for a community centre to the judges, based on a brief from a real-life client.

Engaging and thought-provoking discussions took place among the teams and the judges. However, the judges faced the challenging task of selecting the winning team and an individual who had overcome personal fears to successfully complete the week. It is important to note, however, that all participants were considered winners in their own right.

Personally, as a judge, this experience reinforced the notion that everyone has something valuable to contribute; we just need to be willing to listen.

Nelson Mandela Book of 700 World Changers 2023

I am deeply humbled and honoured to have been nominated and invited by Nic Careem and Rani Moorcroft MBE to The House of Lords to write a short message in the House of Commons book of handwritten messages to pay tribute to the late, great Nelson Mandela. The book serves as a reminder of Mandela’s legacy to eradicate child poverty and racial hatred, and is intended to inspire those in positions of power to continue this important work.

Currently, the precious Nelson Mandela book contains 700 world changers handwritten messages and signatures from world statesmen, business leaders, and global celebrities, including President Barack Obama, Kofi Annan, three former British Prime Ministers (Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron), business leaders (Richard Branson, Zac Goldsmith), celebrities (Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue) international businesses and community leaders, as well as revered religious figures. Andrew Motion, the poet laureate of the United Kingdom appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, has also contributed a special tribute poem in the book.

The book will be presented to the people of South Africa at a special Gala Dinner in February next year on the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release. The book will be published annually and sold globally, with all proceeds going towards children’s causes across Africa. It will be edited by Janis Kearney, a former White House advisor and diarist to President Bill Clinton.

Estonia’s 105th Independence Day Reception 2023

Today, I had the honour of attending the 105th Independence Day reception of Estonia at the Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park. Having presented at the construction conference in Tallinn, Estonia, several times on the topic of MMC timber solutions, I felt privileged to receive the invitation.

While some guests were bold enough to take an early morning dip in the Lido followed by a sauna, the rest of us, who were less daring, gathered at the Breakfast Reception.

During the event, the ambassadors of Estonia and Ukraine stood together in a show of solidarity.

Church Housing Conference 2022

Mobilising and equipping the church to build better housing and communities.

Prior to the main conference, we had a round table meeting organised and chaired by Rani Moorcroft MBE CEO of zedgeneration cic. In attendance was the leader Basildon Council, Deputy Mayor Basildon, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Essex and CEO BIPVco who all joined us via Zoom. In person was the CEO Habitat for Humanity, Vicar and church warden from Essex, representative Homes England, ESG Founders, Bounce Back head of contracts. We were later joined by Bishop Guli Francis-Dehqani, the Church of England’s Lead Bishop for Housing. I give my presentation on Buildeco’s offsite housing delivery solution in addressing NetZero.

It was a lively and positive round table discussion on how to strengthen relationships to ensure the Church of England can play its part using its own land to help resolve the housing crisis.

The main afternoon conference followed and was open by Bishop Guli. The debates discussed a range of issues, the Impact of the housing crisis, what is meant by “Affordability”, Setting up a National Church Housing Association, how to interpret Best Value and responding to the housing Crisis: What can I do?

The day ended with Questions put to the Panel

Chaired by Bishop Guli and the panel members included Alan Smith, Kate Henderson, David Thomas & Cathy Francis

Celebration of Black History Month at The House of Lords 2022

This year’s dedication titled ‘The Mother of the Commonwealth Lunch’ as we honour our late Majesty in this her Platinum Jubilee Year.

The event was organised and hosted by Rani Moorcroft MBE FRSA and her volunteers of ‘zedgeneration cic’ and charity partner ‘Robert Levy Foundation’ led by Pat Levy who’s 16-year-old son Robert who wanted to become an architect, he died from a knife attack in Hackney 2012. Also in attendance was Robert’s 109-year-old grandmother, Mrs Nellie Brown. The RLF theme is to build community hubs where young people can be safe surrounded by role models to help them achieve the best they can be.

Speakers included The Lord Hussain, Sir Peter Wanless CEO of NSPCC’s, Cllr Hamza Taouzzale 23-year-old Lord Mayor of Westminster, Trevor Fothergill CEO of Windrush Housing Alliance.

Rani’s grandchildren Ellie, Lincoln & Louie made speeches and paid tribute to her as it was her birthday.

Videos shown by NSPCC, Fiona Barretto-Desouza on the planting of 3 million trees, she had flown in from Tanzania but the flight was delayed. Fiona will be launching ‘The Kings Green Canopy’ in November at COP27. Monty Lord now seventeen, at the age of seven, UK’s youngest Bestselling author and due to release his second book this December, he also holds five Guinness World Records and won many other awards.

Other mention Sidra Naeem ‘Deputy Lieutenant in Essex’, Professor Clive Fraser ‘Business Diversity Champion’, Justin Placide (BEIS) ‘co-chair of the Civil Service Race Forum’, Tum Kazunga CEO of ‘Habitat for Humanity’ & Daniel Pillai co-founder BIPVco solar power module.

We can all play our part and make a difference in supporting our planet for the next generation.

Who was the first Black RIBA Member? 2022

This Black History Month, our RIBA Collections team shared the process of how we attempt to answer this question. We revealed some of the RIBA Library and Collections sources we refer to along the way, exploring why certain questions remain unanswered. In 1948, Minnette de Silva became the first Asian woman to join.

National census records reveal individuals such as Norman Alcius Harry, born in 1887 in Kingston, Jamaica, who later practiced as an architect and surveyor in the UK. However, there is no indication that he joined the RIBA, as his name does not appear in the members’ lists.

Ships arriving in the UK from the Caribbean in the late 1940s are known as The Windrush Generation. Although there were engineers, builders, and draftsmen among the passengers of HMT Empire Windrush, none of their professions are listed as architects.

The RIBA is always eager to share stories that depict the history of our profession. Every year, hundreds of researchers pass through our library and study rooms, constantly shedding light on new discoveries. If you’ve come across a previously unheard story in our collections that you believe more people should know about, get in touch.

Update: We were delighted to hear from Audley English, born in Kingston, Jamaica, and having emigrated and been educated in the UK. He studied at the Architectural Association and responded to our call for stories with a video discussing his work and life as the UK’s first West Indian architect to be fully qualified under the RIBA Conditions and registered as an architect.

To view the link to the video of Audley discussing his work, refer below to ‘Black History Month Celebrations October 2020’.

Extract taken from the RIBA website and rearranged.

First Edition of Jamaicans in Britain – A Legacy of Leadership 2022

I’m honoured and feel immensely privileged to be included in the first edition of Jamaicans in Britain – A Legacy of Leadership.

Bottom LHS photo taken at the Jamaican Embassy: The High Commissioner signing Audley’s copy.

His Excellency, Seth George Ramocan, the Jamaican High Commissioner to the UK, who in 2017, at his welcome reception for leading members of the Jamaican diaspora, announced that it was his mission to create a record of Jamaicans who had made significant contributions to Britain and the Jamaican communities here, in particular, those who came in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s.

Our ancestors were removed from Africa to Jamaica, where, with the migration of many other nationalities and races, we became “Out of Many One People”. Audley’s grandmother emigrated from India to Jamaica and his grandfather was of Scottish descent.

This book gives more than a hint of some of the many individuals, some well-known, others less so, and collective struggles that they have overcome, but many of which are still ongoing.

Message from the Prime Minister of Jamaica: The Most Honourable Andrew Michael Holness ON, MP:

“The book, which proudly acknowledges the achievements of outstanding members of the Jamaican community in the United Kingdom from the pre and post-Windrush periods, profiles the remarkable history of those men and women of various socio-economic backgrounds and their commendable impact at the local and international levels. It highlights the stories of people who have, through diligence, determination and courage defeated great odds – social, racial, physical, cultural and economic to become trailblazers in their respective fields”.

Message from the High Commissioner for Jamaica: H.E. Mr Seth George Ramocan, CD

“It is therefore fitting that this compendium, is published in honour and recognition of the significant contribution our community has made to the wellbeing of the UK as well as to build a positive public awareness of our community. It will also serve to remind present and future generations of the priceless contribution our community has made to the development of the UK”.

The Custom and Self Build Market Report was launched at House of Commons reception hosted by Richard Bacon MP 2022

As a NaCSBA member, I had the honour of attending the parliamentary reception, where the inaugural Custom and Self Build Market Report was introduced. The overview of the sector, to which I contributed my comments during the review period, was unveiled by Richard Bacon MP.

The Custom and Self Build Report is the most comprehensive collection of data about the industry to date and serves as a core resource for those currently involved in or contemplating joining the sector. It encompasses NaCSBA insights on various aspects affecting the sector, along with industry perspectives on planning, sustainability, and custom and self-build.

Buildeco suggests an additional inclusion in helping the homeless through Custom and Self-Build for those who are unemployed:

The number of homeless individuals, including hidden homeless families, who were temporarily housed during the Covid pandemic is expected to surge once they return to the streets after being removed from their temporary accommodations, such as hotels.

A solution is imperative to address the housing needs of the homeless population. Drawing on past experience, Buildeco proposes a suite of accommodation types. Our innovative concept, the FlexiTA (Flexible Temporary Accommodation), consists of one-to-four-person units, including wheelchair-accessible options, constructed from non-combustible materials. The mix and stacking configurations of FlexiTA have been tailored to meet the unique unit mix requirements of each client and are site-specific, providing complete flexibility in design. Individuals will be trained to construct their own communities with the prospect of future employment.

The British Homes Awards 2022

The British Homes Awards set industry standards for housing, mixed use, interior, sustainable and environmental developments for others to follow. Clients, professionals and the public look at current market trends and new concepts arising from the awards. These awards are industry recognised and I’m privileged to be on the judging panel.

Building Defects-Free, Future-Proofed Housing Workshop 2022

The workshop focused on how manufacturers can deliver homes that are defect-free and future-proofed using insights gained from experience.

Tribute to Lord Rogers aged 88 died 2021

It’s very sad to hear the news of the passing of Lord Richard Rogers.

As a student at the Architectural Association in my third year, I was taught by unit master Mike Davis and founding partner of the Richard Rogers’ Partnership, known as RRP at the time. Mike’s teaching and the practices work influenced my thinking in my methodology from that time until the present day. Many of my fellow students went on to work for RRP and some setup their own practices after leaving, continuing with Lord Rogers’ design philosophy.

From the many remarkable buildings designed by Lord Rogers and his team, for me, the practice journey in delivering modular housing is the most challenging to address in our desperate housing shortage. From the 2005 John Prescott 60K design competition, subsequent lessons were learned and applied to their MMC housing schemes in Ladywell, Mitcham, with upcoming projects demonstrating the importance of R&D.

I will continue on my journey along the MMC path. Thank you for your inspiration through your practices work.


Richard Rogers’ favourite colour ‘light green’- Buildeco’s main branding colour 2013

Jamaican Prime Minister’s Low Cost Housing Design Awards Ceremony November 2021

Buildeco’s submission receives Honourary Mention & Certificate

300 plus entry received for Jamaica Low Cost Housing Competition. Unable to attend the Design Awards Ceremony the certificate was accepted by architect Professor Dr Pat Green on behalf of Audley English, Director of Buildeco Offsite Architecture, the awards were held at ‘The Terra Nova All Suites Hotel’ Kingston, Jamaica.

The KTN Space & Geospatial Virtual Pavilion for COP26 on

3 November 2021 Panel Discussion.

“HUMANS must Reduce CARBON or CARBON will Reduce HUMANS”

(Audley English 2021)

The built environment is responsible for nearly 40% of global GHG (check) emissions.  Of this, 28% is attributed to operational emissions, from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings, and 11% from embodied carbon emissions, found in the material and construction processes across a building’s entire lifecycle. In UK, the built environment sector will need to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 in order to meet net-zero targets by 2050.

Speakers explore the questions, challenges and opportunities that the net zero goal presents for the built environment?

Black History Month 2021

Black History Month 2021 has now come to a close. On a personal level, I participated in two momentous events. The first was to be honoured alongside Levi Roots and RAF West Indian veteran Mr Copeland MBE. We were the first recipients to receive Windrush Housing’s awards for their launch of ‘Windrush Payback: Building A Better Britain’. Their pledge is to raise funds to support the provision of 10,000,000 bricks, which equates to the refurbishment of many homes and similarly, to build numerous MMC homes that will combine to a total of 1000 NetZero homes. The event was held at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton on 22.10.21. Balloons were released in honour of members of the Windrush Generation who have sacrificed so much for a Better Britain.

The second event was to attend Zedgeneration’s CIC to honour our Windrush Mothers & Fathers and celebrate Rani King’s (MBE) 71st birthday with a Windrush English tea party on The House of Lords terrace on 25.10.21. Speeches were given by Lord Quran Hussein, Cllr Andrew Baggott and his 10-year old daughter Willow Baggott and others. A flower tribute to Sir David Amess was made.

The after-event was held at the Abbey Centre, with presentations given by artist EVEWRIGHT of the Windrush ‘TILBURY BRIDGE WALKWAY OF MEMORIES ART INSTALLATION’. Speeches were given by West Indian Windrush elders, reflecting on their experiences.

George Connett, the great great nephew of Jack Leslie told the story of him being the only black professional football player in England during his career from 1921-1935, across fourteen seasons, when he scored 133 league goals over 384 games.

My presentation was on delivering MMC NetZero housing to address Climate Change.

Photos Top L – R: Award with Levi Roots No1, Balloons before release No2, My table guests No3 & elders No4

The Good Homes Alliance (GHA) NetZero Low Energy New Build Housing Case Study September 2021

Homes with high fabric efficiency and a ‘future-proofed’ building services setup that allows net zero tech (such as a heat pump) to be easily installed at a later date.

Buildeco’s Hurst Close MMC Demonstration Project selected GHA case study.

Windrush Celebrations; Tilbury Saturday 26th June 2021

Coaches brought original Windrush pioneers to pre-view the TILBURY BRIDGE WALKWAY OF MEMORIES by artist EVEWRIGHT. Tears shed re-living history seeing themselves young and full of hope on 432 panes of glass, The immersive artwork., collaged with photographs, documents, original boat passenger tickets and memorabilia was installed on the passenger walkway 55 metres long.

Top left photo; artist EVEWRIGHT with Audley English

The evening event held nearby at the Worlds End Pub that included Caribbean, African, Asian food; music provided by ‘Monkies Wedding’ one track song ‘Red Red Wine’

Bottom left photo; included the Mayor of Thurrock, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Chair of Windrush Housing Association and Thurrock Cllr.

Buildeco’s ‘FlexiKeyWorkers Multigenerational Complex’

The one thing Covid-19 taught us is to value and cherish the family unit and that the new normal may mean years of lockdowns.

Separating confused grandchildren from beloved grandparents so cruel on both sides.

Nurses and other key workers in the danger zone of infection having to live apart for months to minimise the risk to children and elderly parents.

Keeping Granny and Grandad at home with new technology available could avoid the isolation of care homes.

We clapped for our NHS, now let’s build for them, and others using Buildeco’s multigenerational housing concept.

This complex allows people from babes in arms to golden oldies independent living, together under one roof.

The unique design has larger internal floor spaces, higher ceiling that are single or double height and increased natural daylight.

With large balconies, communal garden with children play space and equipment, even built in home office space, it is the home for the future, today.

Buildeco’s MMC flat-pack solution non-combustible, net zero with an EPC A rating – up in days offering real jobs for semi-skilled workers.

From Dream to Reality November 2020

MMC flat-pack Black Clad traditional style houses, assembled from a standard Kit-of-Parts that achieved Passivhaus airtightness and U-values, based on our fabric first methodology, have now been achieved.

The first full flat-pack platform panelised MMC offsite-onsite individual components solution. It can also be configured to provide contemporary style houses.

Black History Month Celebrations October 2020

Flotilla makes a nostalgic sail past to honour Windrush generations at Tilbury Dock in Black History Month.

Our third #GeovationNetZero session on Tuesday 7th July 2020

In this third #GeovationNetZero session we will be exploring the location based challenges and opportunities in delivering sustainable production and consumption.

What does sustainable production and consumption look like? How does it influence the business model, product and service? What does success look like?

From London, a warm welcome to Audley English, who founded Buildeco.

As global society battles collaboratively, creatively and innovatively to defeat Covid-19, businesses and organisations of all kinds are rethinking their models and processes to sustainably change society for the better. This includes the transition to Net Zero. That transition will need to address decarbonisation, deliver sustainable consumption and production, and create a regenerative and sustainable bio-economy.

How do you plan celebrating the 50th anniversary Earth Day

on 5th June 2020?




Help The Homeless Post COVID 2020

The number of homeless people, including the hidden homeless families, may rocket and they will return again to the UK streets once removed from their temporary accommodation, including hotels, etc. This will happen once the Government scraps the funding for these schemes, which have been used to protect and house the homeless during the onslaught of Covid-19.

A solution will be required to address the housing requirements of the homeless.  Based on past experience, Buildeco offer a range of accommodation types. Their concept, the FlexiTA (Flexible Temporary Accommodation) is a combination of one-to-four-person accommodation, including wheelchair accommodation, constructed from non-combustible materials.  The mix and stacking configurations of FlexiTA have been developed to address each individual client’s unit mix requirements and are specific to each unique development site, making the design totally flexible.


Illustrated 1 (left to right) Ground floor layout: 2No. one-person units, communal lobby, a one-person unit and a wheelchair unit that can accommodate two people

Illustrated 2 (left to right) Upper floor generic layout: mix is a three-person 1B unit, communal lobby, a one-person unit and a four-person 2B unit.

SHOUT-OUT to the front line NHS and all the volunteers that work tirelessly to feed them 2020

Buildeco, in particular, supports this group of volunteers, called the ‘Mums’ Army’. They cook curries, cakes etc, etc and deliver them, using their own transport, to Basildon University Hospital on a daily basis. Preparation starts at 5.00 am.

Their slogan is: ‘We Clapped, We Cooked Now We’re Going to Build – Keyworkers’ houses for all!”


Buildeco is currently in discussion with two Councils to support funding for ‘Mums’ Army’ and allocate a number of small sites from their portfolio to be developed for affordable keyworkers’ housing.

Local people are to be employed and trained to build these houses for their communities, which will financially benefit the local economy.

Appreciation and support to – Mums Army- From NHS staff: ‘First of all a big thank you for feeding us. The food is always very delicious and we all enjoyed it. It’s much appreciated your continued support for us. Once again thank you very much for the amazing food. God bless you all. from others. it’s really appreciated that your group helped Colne ward during this pandemic. We nurses work in ITU and after the busy shift its really nice to have food delivered by your team. Thank you so much once again. Much appreciated. Hats off for you all. Christopher wrote I was staying in a hotel for four weeks as I have vulnerable family at home, so for a while your meals were the only substantial meals I was eating. I’d like to thank every one of you for all you have done.

On a National scale, in addressing affordable housing for keyworkers, Buildeco recommends that of all government land sold or transferred and developed for housing, 25% of these homes must be allocated for keyworkers at an affordable rent or affordable purchase price.

Petition: UK Government and Parliament 2020

Provide funding to colleges & apprenticeships for eco-community house building UK parliament petition with global promise

Are you worried about the future as we enter the worst recession for 300 years?

We can turn this crisis into an opportunity, rescue a lost generation of young people, and older unemployed workers; retrain, and build a better, greener future.

Please sign our petition and spread; our ‘disease’ is optimism, highly contagious which will lead to decarbonisation, lowering of global warming, and a pandemic of decent affordable homes with a strong national workforce facing a better future with hope.




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