FlexiTA (Temporary Accommodation)

FlexiTA Temporary Accommodation for Singles, Shares and Family

This concept is directed at social inclusion, benefitting each community, by ensuring that future development funds are targeted towards local job creation and training. Social Return On Investment’s research found that for every £1 invested in a social enterprise, up to £2.83 is provided in additional social return. Employing local people benefits them, especially those experiencing barriers into employment, such as veterans, people with disabilities, those with gender issues, disenchanted youth and ex-offenders.

FlexiTA is a combination of one-to-four-person accommodation units, which are assembled from one to four storeys high. The buildings comply with recently updated requirements in specifying the use of non-combustible materials. The unit mix types include wheelchair accommodation on the ground floor, if required, accommodation for singles, shared living and families. The mix and stacking configurations of FlexiTA have been developed to address each individual client’s unit mix requirements and are specific to each unique development site, making the design totally flexible.


Illustrated 1 (left to right) Ground floor layout: 2No. one-person units, communal lobby, a one-person unit and a wheelchair unit that can accommodate two people.

Illustrated 2 (left to right) Upper floor generic layout: mix is a two-person 2B (bedroom) unit, communal lobby, a three-person 1B unit and a two-person 2B unit.

Illustrated 3 (left to right) Upper floor generic layout: mix is a three-person 1B unit, communal lobby, a one-person unit and a four-person 2B unit.

Illustrated 4 Elevation brick clad or other clad finishes are available that will match the local vernacular.



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