Modular Garden Retreat

A garden office is the perfect solution to provide a workspace just outside the house without having to extend the property.

Garden Office

Garden Plan

Home Garden Room (LGS)

There is a current surge in sales of garden rooms and their popularity can be attributed to the increase in leisure time now available for many people. Families and individuals are enjoying these benefits and purchasing garden rooms which are designed to meet their specific requirements. These garden rooms are generally located away from the main property which causes minimum disturbance.

This contemporary multi-function garden cinema room and chill-out space also incorporates a gym for workouts and has a separate WC.

Insulated composite steel panels are used for the construction of the floor, walls and ceiling/roof.

The construction build-up of the external building fabric consist of a two panel skin cavity system which achieves a thermal efficiency-U-value of = 0.18 w/m²k, with minimum heat loss thus allowing all year round use.

With a total floor area of 36 m², the cinema area 24 m², gym is 9 m² and WC is 3 m². The garden room envelope was constructed in two parts by the delivery team system integrators, a team of four; the inner panel envelope was assembled on top of the already prepared floor slab within one day. The client’s electrician completed the first-fix wiring on day two. On day three the spacer panels, cavity insulation, overhung fascia and outer panels were completed, leaving the building ready to receive its finishes.

The estimated budget price for supply, delivery and erection of panels for a similar size project is £850 m², foundation slab, services and finishes to be provided by others.


4w x 6w x 1.75w + 0.25w - 4w + 2w Folding Doors Flat Roof - Doub    1523 - OS Map Layout2  4 Floor Slab GC-182408-FR.idw GC-182408-FR.idw  7 Day 1 Individual Panel  8 Day 1 Completed Internal Panel Skin Including Roof  9 Day 2 First Fix Electrical & Data Cables 10 Day 2 First Fix Electrical & Data Cables  11 Day 3 Facia Overhanging Soffit   13 Day 3 Cavity Insulation and Outer Panel Applied     

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