Modular Housing Projects

buildeco’s adaptable eco-design two-storey basic house types exceed the UK-wide minimum space requirements and are adjustable to meet multi-generation, elderly or wheelchair housing requirements.

Custom Build or Part-Fab Homes

Eco-design basic house type plans, section and elevations    (click for large view)

2-bed contemporary style

2 bed plan contemporary B 2 bed front brick C 2 bed rear brick D 2 bed front eternit E 2 bed rear eternit F 2 bed front render G 2 bed rear render  Internal Kitchen Internal Living H Comtempory Section


2-bed traditional style

A 2 bed plan traditional B 2 bed front brick roof C 2 bed Rear brick_roof D Traditional Section

3-bed contemporary style

A 3 bed plan contemporary B 3 bed front brick C 3 bed rear brick D 3 bed front eternit E 3 bed rear eternit F 3 bed front render G 3 bed rear render H Comtempory Section

3-bed traditional style

A 3 bed plan traditional B 3 bed front brick roof C 3 bed rear brick roof D Traditional Section

4-bed contemporary style

A 4 bed plan contemporary B 4 bed front brick C 4 bed rear brick D 4 bed front eternit E 4 bed rear eternit F 4 bed front render G 4 bed rear render H Comtempory Section

4-bed traditional style

A 4 bed plan traditional B 4 bed front brick roof C 4 bed rear brick roof D Traditional Section

Indicative Starting Price


The price refers to indicative starting price; this may vary depending on architectural style selected, external finishes, internal specifications, items identified To Be Agreed (TBA) and site location.

Obtaining detailed planning approval to meet planner’s requirement will be an additional cost.

Prices quoted are in pounds sterling and exclude VAT.

buildeco reserve the right to change or modify pricing without notice or obligation.


  • Water-tight house structure above ground level, external, internal partitions, upper floor and roof structure
  • Roof finishes (TBA)
  • Windows double glazed
  • External and internal doors
  • Timber stairs
  • Kitchen units, fittings and appliances (TBA)
  • Sanitary fittings (TBA)
  • Heating system (TBA)
  • Wiring layout for lighting, sockets and switches (TBA)
  • Ventilation system (TBA)
  • Wall and ceiling finishes (TBA)
  • Wall and floor tiles (TBA)
  • Flooring finishes (TBA)
  • Plumbing system
  • Construction and installation works
  • Transportation to site


  • Preparations of the site (excavations, infrastructure)
  • Foundations
  • Obtaining planning approval
  • Obtaining building control approval
  • Landscaping design and landscaping
  • Gas supply to site
  • Electrical supply to site
  • Drainage supply to site
  • Water supply to site
  • Smart-home system to site
  • Elderly or wheelchair lift, disability aids & accessories
  • Security alarm system
  • External lighting
  • Boundary walls, fences and gates
  • External bicycle store
  • External bin enclosure


Bespoke designs can be tailored to the client’s requirements.

This will incur addition costs.

3-bed contemporary style 200 m²

This three-bedroom two storey house, with the living / dining / kitchen / home office are all located at ground floor level. Bedrooms are all on the upper floor level with access to the roof terrace.

The layout of the house provides views to, and interaction with, public and private spaces via a series of terraces around the house. These are at differing level and orientations, and can be accessed from the main living spaces of the house in a variety of configurations, allowing the occupants to use the layout to suit their day-to-day requirements, and control the degree of privacy or interaction with the public realm to the rear.

Shading measures to minimise solar gains in the summer have been integrated through the use of overhangs, movable external blinds and deciduous planting.

Sedum green roof, rainwater harvesting storage, electric vehicle charging station, photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels, climbing plants on independent structure

1 Ground Floor Plan 2 First Floor Plan 3 Roof Plan 4 River view 5 Garden view 6 Living room view 7 Dining view 8 FF Landing view 9 Bedroom view 10 Roof terrace view


High Density Custom Build or Part-Fab Homes

Plot Size 50m X 40m

Standardised Footprint for Community-Led Housing or Co-Housing

All the flats are based on a standard footprint module. Utilizing a standardised footprint over the whole development for 20 flats is found to be a cost effective solution. Each of these standardised footprints is configured to form a variety of 1 person – 5 person flats of which four units of each flat type are provided; these flats are arranged over one or two floors of accommodation.


The scheme layout allows for simple stacking of each block which can be reconfigured to form alternative stacking mixes within the same volume.

Dual Aspect

Every habitable room is dual aspect, providing flexibility in orientation and privacy, as well as allowing for natural cross-ventilation.

Amenity Space

Amenity space is a combination of private and communal. The large family units have private gardens to the rear, and these have direct access to the central communal green space. The other amenity spaces for the residential units on the upper floor are the ‘sky gardens,’ accessed from within the residential units or from the private access walkways.  The total circulation and amenity space of the development equates to 77% of the total site area.

1 View at Street Level 2 Ground & First Floors 3 Second & Third Floors 4 High Level Street View 5 Dual Aspect Internal View 6 View at Upper Balcony 7 View From Park


Local Authorities or Housing Associations (RPs)

Scheme Description

The client design brief devises a housing solution that allows for this temporary accommodation to be fully demountable at the end of the consented planning period, or to be upgraded to permanent housing standards with a minimum 60-year life expectation.

This long, narrow, rectangular London brownfield site will be developed for single parent family houses. The site has been analysed in relation to potential layout, dwelling orientation and site access, with consideration for an appropriate scale of development and massing, responsive to its context.

The scheme mix will have 20 No temporary 2-bed, 4-person and 2 No 4-bed, 6-person private sale houses, all of two storeys, and will include private amenity spaces at the front and rear. The main access route through the site will be arranged as a shared surface, with priority for pedestrians over cyclists and vehicles.

Car parking spaces are provided along the south-western boundary for wheelchair users, visitors and residents of the two larger houses at the southern end, while secure communal cycle stores are proposed opposite each terrace.

Design Strategy for Temporary Accommodation or Permanent Houses

Design of the temporary accommodation is in the Segal architectural style and the permanent houses will be in keeping with the established vernacular brick and render. Cladding materials to suit the architectural style, with tiled mono-pitch roofs and photovoltaic solar panels.

Each dwelling has a private landscaped front-garden family space which is overlooked from both levels within, and the main bedroom overlooks the active street frontage. Windows to all habitable rooms are angled to avoid direct overlooking into neighbouring properties. The master bedroom overlooks the street, providing an active street frontage.

A soft landscaped communal garden, a hard landscaped play area and children’s play area are all located along the north-western boundary, positioned between the terrace blocks.

1 Site Plan 2 Proposed Site Plan 3 Typical Two Bed House   4 View Looking From Main Road   6 View Looking South Towards Main Road


Housing Associations (RPs)

Design under development

The assembly of new homes using precision-made factory components will provide build solutions to match RPs’ long-term requirements.

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