Modular FlexiHouse

FlexiHouse Starter Home (under development, due 2021)

buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouses are fully expandable, adaptable and future proofed, and so address and meet the needs of an expanding family, as and when future additional accommodation space is required.

Your two-person FlexiHouse starter home can be clad using a variety of cladding panel materials to respond to the local vernacular or your personal taste. Your FlexiHouse footprint is generous; the additional upper floors added in Options 2 – 4 illustrate the flexible expansion options in stages, as and when your income and family size increases.

The FlexiHouse starts as one bedroom home and expands to two bedrooms, three bedrooms and finally to four bedrooms, maximising the full use of the same footprint. The foundation and underground services are designed from the outset to take the total structural loading and services requirement of a fully developed four-bedroom house.


Internal Layouts & Expanded Options

The ground floor footprint allows for the added advantages gained when implementing the FlexiHouse Options 1 – 4, which expand the house vertically and horizontally from two persons to eight persons when required. With the addition of an internal circulation staircase from Options 2 on, and the reconfiguration of the combined kitchen/dining/living areas, Options 3 and 4 allow the separate living room and kitchen to remain above the minimum space standards.


The ground floor bedroom is now located on the first floor for Options 3 and 4, making this space useable as the family dining room. Option 4 has an additional staircase leading into the roof space bedroom with en-suite shower room and dormer patios on the front and rear.

This FlexiHouse is ideally suited to meet different cultural’ needs and for an extended family or inter-generational living.

FlexiHouses are sold at any of the four optional stages.

FlexiHouse Video Options 1 – 4

buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouse ‘Full Video’ (Options 1 – 4)

buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouse ‘1Bed Starter Home’ (Option 1)


buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouse ‘2Bed House’ (Option 2)


buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouse ‘3Bed House’ (Option 3)

buildeco flat-pack FlexiHouse ‘4Bed House’ (Option 4)


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