Offsite prefabrication

Offsite prefabrication solutions, where structures are built at a different location to that of their use, have been around for thousands of years. Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids and the Great Wall of China, just to name a few, were all produced offsite.

Off-site construction involves individual modules of a building being constructed in a factory then transported to the site. These buildings meet all relevant building regulations and are indistinguishable from traditional site-built construction. The off-site process reduces project construction time, improves quality and reduces waste.

NotJustForBoys: There is still a perception that the construction industry, including offsite, is a man’s world. With over 150 different construction roles to choose from, there roles for everyone as we try and eradicate gender stereotypes.

Manufacturing efficiencies and greater accuracies are gained by most of the work being performed in the factory. Greater accuracy results in reduced thermal loss and higher sustainability levels when the elements are assembled on site.

Rural locations and sites with limited open space are well suited to off-site construction. This process has also been used successfully in suburban areas.

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